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Zandu Lalima

The root cause of acne, pimples and dull skin is toxins in the blood. Learn how Zandu Lalima solves the problem.

Many creams will claim to treat pimples and acne, only for the problem to quickly return. To really get rid of pimples, acne and dull skin, you need to treat the root cause. Thankfully, Zandu Lalima does just that.

How it works
Unlike creams, Lalima is a herbal blood purifier that works from within, treating the cause by removing toxins from the blood.

Powerful herbal ingredients
Lalima is made with a blend of powerful herbal ingredients including Neem, Haldi, Kesar and Vitamin E.

Sweet taste too
To make it easy for anyone to take, it has a sweet taste as well, thanks to a little honey.

The results you can expect to see
Take Zandu Lalim each day and you’ll begin to notice your skin becoming clearer and fairer.

Use Zandu Lalima every day
Use Zandu Lalima and treat the root cause of acne – you will notice a difference.

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